Nordvest OK and Mariager Fjord OK

Tved and Tvorup

13.-15. april 2017


**** C-event


Thursday the. 13. april-saturday the 15. april

Eventcenter is open thursday and friday from 09.00. 
Saturday the eventcenter is open from 08.00.


  • Stage 1: Tved
  • Stage 2: Tvorup Nord
  • Stage 3: Tvorup Syd


  • Stage 1: Marked on road 26 (Hanstholmvej) between Nors and Ræhr

    57°02'43.7"N 8°40'53.8"E
  • Stage 2 and 3: Marked on road 539 northeast of Sjørring by Trapsandevej and also on road 181 north of Vorupør by Tvorupvej.

    56°58'05.7"N 8°28'08.5"E

Parking outside the official parkgrounds is prohibited.


Stage 1
  • Parking-eventcenter 500-1.000 m
  • Eventcenter-start 1.350 m
  • Parking-start 2.000  m
Stage 2
  • Parking-eventcenter 1.000 m
  • Eventcenter-start 1.000 m
  • Parking-start 200 m
Stage 3:
  • Parking-eventcenter 1.000 m
  • Eventcenter-start 250 m
  • Parking-start 1.250 m

On all stages the following marks are used:
Parking-eventcenter: Red-white arrows.
Eventcenter-start: Blue-white plastic strips


Above: Eventcenter stage 1, Tved      
Below: Eventcenter stage 2.-3. 
, Tvorup

Click the picture for PDF


All maps are 1:7.500 or 1:10.000 (see classes)
Contour interval 2,5 m.

The maps are offset-printed on tear- and water resistant paper

Control descriptions

Printed on the maps and available at the start if you have a control description holder.


Stage 1:
Tved Klitplantage is a typical plantation of the Western Jutland with very varied vegetation.
Some areas are zoned as untouched natural forest.
In other parts there are areas of compact pinetrees which are difficult to run through - especially in the western part.
Scattered areas with broad-leaved trees and open areas with just a few trees.
The plantation is not hilly but has a lot of  detailed contour lines.
A few wetlands. A lot of paths and roads. There has been a lot of forest work the last years
resulting in  a lot of piles of treetops.
Field work 2016

Stage 2:
A big part of the forest is covered with dunes with and without trees. In the southwestern part there is a rather flat area.
The eastern and southwestern part of the forest has a lot of paths and varied runnability. In the northwestern part there are areas with fewer paths and rather close pinetrees. 

Field work 2016.
North of the startingpoint is an open fenced field. There are no animals on the field and the fench is not electric. The fence must be passed.
There is a lot of Mountainbike tracks in the area. These are marked as a normal pathnormal signatur for sti. The visibility of the paths varies.
Some ditches are freshly dug and the sides are vertical. They have a with of ca- 1,20 m and can be difficult to pass.
Easy and beginners-courses has a marked passage in the end of the course. The marked passage is on a path just after passing the asphaltroad. Take care of the traffic and follow the plastic strips.

Stage 3:

The forest is characterized by larger flat areas with some ditches. The flat areas are interrupted by stripes of hilly dunes with pines. Generally there is a lot of paths and roads but some areas have almost no paths.
The vegetation is pines varied from small parts with dense forest to an open forest with old trees. In some areas all the trees have been felled and other areas are dunes without trees. Generally god runability.

Field work 2016

There is a lot of big deers in the forests. They have made a lot of animal tracks. Animal track are not shown on the maps


 1:7.500 = ***      Others 1:10.000
ClassStage1.Stage 2Stage 3Fixtime
D-10A ***3,4 km 14 p3,0 km 14 p2,7 km 15 p
D-10B ***3,4 km 14 p3,0 km 14 p2,7 km 15 p
D-12A ***4,4 km 15 p4,1 km 17 p3,5 km 16 p
D-12B ***3,4 km 14 p3,0 km 14 p2,7 km 15 p
D13-99BEG ***3,9 km 16 p3,8 km 18 p3,1 km 17 p
D-14A5,3 km 14 p4,7 km 18 p4,6 km 16 p11.00
D-14B ***3,9 km 13 p3,7 km 15 p2,9 km 15 p
D15C ***3,9 km 13 p3,7 km 15 p2,9 km 15 p
D-16A6,5 km 17 p5,6 km 19 p5,5 km 21 p11.30
D-18A6,5 km 17 p5,6 km 19 p5,5 km 21 p11.00
D-20A7,5 km 18 p6,5 km 18 p6,4 km 21 p10.25
D-20AK5,3 km 14 p4,5 km 16 p4,5 km 17 p10.00
D-20B ***4,0 km 15 p3,4 km 12 p3,5 km 11 p10.45
D21A7,7 km 22 p7,1 km 22 p6,9 km 21 p10.15
D21AK5,3 km 14 p4,5 km 16 p4,5 km 17 p10.40
D21AM6,5 km 17 p5,6 km 19 p5,5 km 21 p10.30
D21B ***4,0 km 15 p3,4 km 12 p3,5 km 11 p11.05
D35A7,5 km 18 p6,5 km 18 p6,4 km 21 p11.10
D35B ***4,0 km 15 p3,4 km 12 p3,5 km 11 p10.20
D40A6,5 km 17 p5,6 km 18 p5,5 km 19 p10.40
D45A6,5 km 17 p5,6 km 18 p5,5 km 19 p11.15
D45AK ***3,8 km 13 p3,5 km 13 p3,7 km 13 p11.10
D45B ***4,0 km 12 p3,3 km 12 p3,0 km 11 p10.55
D50A4,8 km 16 p4,1 km 14 p4,2 km 13 p10.05
D55A4,9 km 12 p4,0 km 15 p4,1 km 14 p10.45
D55AK ***3,3 km 13 p3,0 km 10 p3,1 km 11 p11.25
D60A ***3,8 km 13 p3,5 km 13 p3,7 km 13 p10.20
D65A *** 3,8 km 14 p3,4 km 15 p4,0 km 13 p10.25
D70A ***3,3 km 13 p3,0 km 10 p3,1 km 11 p10.30
D75A ***2,2 km 10 p2,6 km  9 p2,2 km  8 p10.35
D80A ***2,2 km 10 p2,6 km  9 p2,2 km  8 p11.05
H-10A ***3,4 km 14 p3,0 km 14 p2,7 km 15 p
H-10B ***3,4 km 14 p3,0 km 14 p2,7 km 15 p
H-12A ***4,4 km 15 p4,1 km 17 p3,5 km 16 p
H-12B ***3,4 km 14 p3,0 km 14 p2,7 km 15 p
H-13-99BEG ***3,9 km 16 p3,8 km 18 p3,1 km 17 p
H-14A5,9 km 16 p5,3 km 16 p5,1 km 17 p10.00
H-14B ***3,9 km 13 p3,7 km 15 p2,9 km 15 p
H15C ***3,9 km 13 p3,7 km 15 p2,9 km 15 p
H-16A7,8 km 23 p7,1 km 21 p6,9 km 21 p10.20
H-18A8,6 km 22 p8,4 km 24 p8,0 km 22 p10.10
H-20A10,5 km26 p9,6 km 28 p9,5 km 24 p10.05
H-20AK6,5 km 17 p5,6 km 19 p5,5 km 21 p10.00
H-20B5,3 km 14 p4,7 km 18 p4,6 km 16 p10.20
H21A12,7 km 31 p11,5 km 34 p10,4 km 27 p10.35
H21AK7,5 km 18 p6,5 km 18 p6,4 km 21 p10.00
H21AM8,6 km 22 p8,4 km 24 p8,0 km 22 p11.20
H21B5,3 km 14 p4,7 km 18 p4,6 km 16 p10.40
H35A10,5 km26 p9,6 km 28 p9,5 km 24 p10.50
H35B5,3 km 14 p4,7 km 18 p4,6 km 16 p11.30
H40A10,5 km26 p9,6 km 28 p9,5 km 24 p11.15
H45A8,6 km 22 p8,4 km 24 p8,0 km 22 p10.55
H45AK4,9 km 12 p4,0 km 15 p4,1 km 14 p10.10
H45B ***4,0 km 15 p3,4 km 12 p3,5 km 11 p11.10
H50A7,7 km 22 p7,1 km 22 p6,9 km 21 p11.00
H55A7,8 km 23 p7,1 km 21 p6,9 km 21 p11.05
H55AK ***3,8 km 13 p3,5 km 13 p3,7 km 13 p10.50
H60A ***6,5 km 18 p5,5 km 19 p5,7 km 20 p10.30
H65A ***5,5 km 16 p5,2 km 18 p5,2 km 17 p10.45
H70A ***4,7 km 18 p4,2 km 17 p4,3 km 16 p10.15
H75A ***3,8 km 14 p3,4 km 15 p4,0 km 13 p10.55
H80A ***3,3 km 13 p3,0 km 10 p3,1 km 11 p11.00
H85A ***2,2 km 10 p2,6 km  9 p2,2 km  8 p10.55


Event office on the eventcenter and is open thursday and friday from 09.00 and saturday from 08.00.

The office handles::

·         Changing of EMIT-number and other changes.

·         Recieve payment for participation if not payed in advance,

·         Receiving complaints

·         Recieving and delivering of forgotten items

·         General information


Open courses

Open courses is sold on all stagesin a tent next to the evnt office at:

Stage 1: 10.30-12.30
Stage 2 and 3: 09.30-11.30.
Price: 120 DKK for H/D-20 and 150 DKK for H/D21-

Eventually rental of EMIT: 20 DKK.

Open 1: Difficult ca. 8 km
Open 2: Difficult ca. 6 km
Open 3: Difficult ca. 4 km
Open 4: Intermedia ca. 6 km
Open 5: Intermedia ca. 4. km
Open 6: Easy ca. 3 km

Open courses are printed maps on tear and water-resistant paper  


The results will be shown at the eventcenter.
After the stage the results are shown on the website of the event.
After the stage it is possible to upload your race to Livelox.
Livelox has promished to give everyone full access.


Stage 1 and 2: Waterstaions on all courses more than 5 km.
3. etape: Waterstations on a road that will be passed by all difficulty and intermedia courses. Also waterstaions on all courses more than 6 km.

Punching system

Rental-e-cards are handed on stage 1 in a tent in the startingarea.
A lost e-card must be replaced by paying 500 DKK. 
If you not show on stage 1 the rental-E-card is handed in the eventoffice.


Stage 1: H-14A og H-16A
Stage 2: D-14A og D-16A
Stage 3: The first 10 in each class that is participating in the chasing start.
The numbers are found at the startt.
On stage 1 and 2 the number of the runner is shown on a list..
On stage 3 the position in the class are similar to the number.



Price to no.. 1-3 on stage 1 and 2
Price to the overall no.. 1-3 after stage 3

H/D18- and H/D 15-C and H/D13-99 beg.
Price to the overall no.. 1-3 after stage 3


There is only one start  containing three  startboxes.

Which startbox you must use can be seen on signs above the boxes.

Classes named beginner H/D-10 A/B, H/D-12B and H/D1399BEG:
There will be free start in the time the start is normally open to other  classes.
Backup-label must be taken by the runner from a wooden board at the start.
Then you contact the start-official to get a startingtime.

Back-up-label to runners from other classes are handed when you enter the starting-box..

1. etape: First start kl. 11.00
2. etape: First start kl. 10.00

3. etape: There is chacing start with 1. start between 10.00-11.30 in all classes named difficulty or intermedia.

Participants, who has not completed both stage 1 and stage 2, or participants that are more than an hour behind the fastest in his/her class,
are starting stage 3 whenever they want between 09.00-09.45 - "put and run"

Classes in the categories begginner or easy has normal start between 10.00-12.30.

On stage 1 and stage 2 you enter the first startbox when the big watch is showing your startime. (4 minutes before the start)

Stage 3: Chasing start. When the big watch is showing your starttime, (5 minutes befor the start) you enter the startbox, you have entered day 1 and 2. Then you place your self according to the startingtimes of the other runners.

The start will be quiet and you will not be called up.
If your late, then contact the officilas and follow their instructions.
The startingpoint is marked with a control
On stage 2 you will be led to the startingpoint by plasticstrips -  60 m 

Water is not offered at the start


Toilets on the eventcenter  an d at the start  on stage 1 and 2

Clothes transportation

Clothes transportation i s not offered


Startinglist can be seen on the webpage , the eventcenter and at the start
Runners are divided in two startingroups  which will cause "big holes"  in the starting list


The "finish"-control is punched at the finishline and you proceed to EMIT read out.

The rank on the chase start is determined by the finish punch only – not by crossing of the
finish line..

Maps may be retained, but may not shown to other compettitors, who have
not yet started. Please show fairplay!.

Maximum time is 2½ hour in all classesr.

All compettitors have to punch the finish control and register. Also runners,
who do not complete their courses. 


On stage 1 the speaker mainly look at H-14A og H-16A
On stage 2 the speaker mainly look at D-14A og D-16A
On stage 3 the spaeker mainly look at the chasing start

Changing and showers   

Changing and showers are not offered

Childrens course

A free childrens course with small prices to all is offered
The childrens course will be open all days 10.00-14.00
On stage 3. the children will have to pass an asphaltroad on their way to the childrens course.

Child care

Child care is offered when booked in advance

Food and drinks

At the event areas, a large cafeteria with sandwiches, snacks and drinks is established

Pre-race training   

Pre-race training is offered on printed cards

Both days all controls are printed on the map.

Tuesday d. 11. april in Vilsbøl Plantage between 11.00-15.00 on fixed controls.
Not very hilly. Forest and open areas with a lot of fenches.
A lot of paths and roads

Marked on road 557 (Klitmøllervej).
25 DKK per map. Only cash and not big notes.

Wednesday d. 12. april in Bøgsted Rende between 11.00-15.00.
EMIT is a possibilityt.
Typical plantation of the western Jutland close to the sea with big open dune/heath areas
and a lot of contour details. Varied vegetation that mostly is dense pinebrushwood with just a few paths..

Marking on road 181 north of  Vorupør (Bøgsted Rende Vej)
Fee: DKK 50 per card. Cash only



Lone Bernth Jensen, Nordvest OK 6130 1713,
Jørn Blom, Mariager Fjord OK, 2785 1711, 
Erik B. Nielsen, Mariager Fjord OK
Jane  Thode Jensen, Nordvest OK
Kristian Edsen, Nordvest OK
Keld Østergaard, Mariager Fjord OK

Keld Østergaard
2753 5134


1. etape: Hermann Jensen og Henrik Overgaard, Nordvest OK
2. etape: Helge Poulsen og Niels J. Iversen, Mariager Fjord OK
3. etape: Søren Munthe, Mariager Fjord OK

Course controllers:

1. etape: Per Korsbæk, St. Binderup OK
2. etape: Steffen Alm, Nordvest OK
3. etape: Jesper Lundsgaard, Vestjysk Orienteringsklub

Event controller

Ole Nielsen, Aalborg OK


Birgitte Halle, Aarhus 1900 Orientering.